Suddenly, Governor Murphy Cares About Women Who Accuse Men of Sexual Assault


TRENTON-Governor Phil Murphy is upset with New Jersey Republican Assembly Minority Leader John Bramnick because his law firm, who represents the accused claims it will discredit women who do the accusing.

“It’s disgusting and unacceptable,” Governor Murphy said. “This is not a question of whether or not somebody’s allowed to have representation — this is America, everybody’s allowed to have representation. But we spent so much of our energy to make New Jersey the survivor state — to see that, it’s taken my breath away.”

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Suddenly, Murphy cares about the rights of the accusers, but last year, when his staffer Katie Brennan was trying to seek justice against her alleged rapist, Al Alvarez, who Murphy squirreled away at a cushy job inside the Schools Development Authority, Murphy was quiet as a mouse.

It’s too bad that Katie Brennan didn’t have this kind of support back when Murphy’s administration was discrediting her rape allegations.