Wirths, Space: Stop Phil Murphy’s Plan to Raise Fuel Prices Yet Again

money being either sucked up or flowing out of a gas pump.

District 24 legislators have bill in place to stop the Democrats’ latest plan to raise taxes for the Green New Deal 

TRENTON-New Jersey isn’t known for many things when it comes to money and taxes, but until former Governor Chris Christie’s huge fuel tax increase, it was known as one of the cheapest states to fill up your gas tank.   Now, New Jersey ranks in the middle of the pack nationwide.

Assemblymen Hal Wirths and Parker Space reiterated their opposition to Governor Murphy’s and the Trenton Democrats’ latest plan to raise taxes on motorists above and beyond the Christie gas tax.

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“Here is Governor Murphy’s administration once again announcing they want to raise taxes,” said Wirths (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris). “This is the Democrats in New Jersey wanting to start their own version of the Green New Deal by making fuel prices more expensive, taking more control over the economy and the choices we make as consumers in our daily lives. It’s not really green-more like Soviet red!”

Media sources are saying 12 states in the Northeast are looking to create a multi-state scheme which would cap emissions from the transportation sector by requiring state fuel suppliers to buy allowances, which would be auctioned off for the right to emit carbon. Of course, the cost of the allowances will be passed on to consumers at the fuel pump.

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“While Hal and I are working to grow jobs in the region, the Murphy administration wants to make it more expensive for people to get to work,” said Space (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris). “Raising taxes on the back of commuters to add bike lanes and to subsidize electric cars is wrong. You are kidding yourself if you believe residents will start biking from Montague to Sparta or from Allamuchy to Belvidere to get to work every morning.”

While Murphy is proposing this new tax, Wirths and Space also mentioned how this fits the pattern of Democrat governance New Jersey.

“The facts are that Trenton Democrats have raised 139 taxes since 2002 costing New Jerseyans 11 billon dollars,” said Wirths. “Twenty of those new taxes have been in the last two years under Murphy; this madness has got to end.”

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Wirths and Space are prime sponsors of legislation to block this new tax hike: A-5042 prohibits New Jersey’s participation in multi-state cap and trade programs like that proposed by the Transportation & Climate Initiative.

“Overburdened taxpayers need their own version of the Yellow Vests Movement here in New Jersey to stand up to the runaway tax hikes and bloated spending and overregulating which Murphy and Democrat legislative majorities have given us for almost 20 years,” Space said. “Hal and I want it to start now!”

The Yellow Vests Movement in France was in reaction to new fuel taxes for to pay for environmental spending and regulation there. Middle class and working class French residents rose in protest against those taxes, making international headlines.