Anti-Reagan Wall Street Lawyer, Former Democrat Joins NJ Senate Race as Republican


WALL STREET-Until recently, he was a proud Wall Street Democrat activist from Brooklyn.  Now, he’s challenging New Jersey Seantor Cory Booker under the new branding of a “Trump Conservative”.

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That’s the story behind Stuart Meissner, a former New York City prosecutor who turned Republican way back in…2016.

According to the New Jersey Globe, “Back in the early 1980s, Meissner was an active Democrat.  He served as president of the 39th Assembly District’s Thomas Jefferson Young Democrats Club.  Three years later, he became the chairman of the Kings County Young Democrats.”

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Meissner was a staunch critic of President Ronald Reagan during the 1980’s.

“I grew up as a Democrat in Brooklyn but left partisan politics aside when I became a prosecutor,” Meissner said.

This week, New Jersey GOP establishment swamp tank, “Save Jersey” claimed Meissner out-raised conservative Republican Hirsh Singh, because that’s the sort of thing they do over there to push liberals into elections as Republicans for the blue-leaning state GOP.

Save Jersey, which has yet to actually “save Jersey” claimed Meissner raised $257,425 compared to Hirsh Singh’s $177,000.

Insiders in New Jersey politics now are telling a different story about Meissner claiming he only raise $7,425 and the $250,000 balance was a personal loan the candidate made to his own campaign.  Singh, has raised $177,000 from campaign donors.

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But, in the end, this is New Jersey, where the Republican party is often one step from the left and routinely back self-funding former Democrats for Republican tickets, typically ending with crippling losses in the election booths, because let’s face it, Conservative Jersey is not coming out for this Meissner guy just because he “Woke” a few years ago when the tide began turning against his Democrat party.

The state GOP will no doubt back a man cut from their own cloth.

Joseph Rullo, a staunch conservative voice in New Jersey criticized the report.

“Another dem light running as a Republican in Jersey.  When will they learn?” Rullo said.  “He states he has outpaced everyone in donations, his biggest donor was actually his loan to himself….and then 7k in donations….please let’s get some real candidates.”

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