FACT CHECK: Tr Residents for Over Development is Not a Fake Entity As Mo Hill Claims

Mo Hill

TOMS RIVER-Maurice “Mo” Hill is at it again, telling residents of Toms River half-truths, this time regarding a mailer sent by a political action committee called “TR Residents Against Overdevelopment”.

Mo claims that the letter, which highlights his dealings in town was sent from an anonymous entity and claims Jonathan Petro, his opponent was behind it.  We checked with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission last week to see if Hill’s claims were true.  NJ ELEC said the entity did file form D-4 on September 23rd and the PAC is run by a Toms River resident, Margaret Scheiderman.

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“On or about September 21, 2019, large numbers of residents of Toms River received an undated letter which purports to be from the entity “TR Residents Against Overdevelopment,” Hill said.

That letter, Hill said was illegal…mostly because it hurt his feelings.

Letter by TR Residents against over development by Phil Stilton on Scribd


Hill then tried to pin that letter on his opponent, Petro, who said he had nothing to do with it.

When we called NJ Elec, they said the entity is in the process of being created and said that the filing is indeed on record and the entity may operate unless otherwise directed.  NJ Elec said there was a change that was needed in the filing before they uploaded it to the public repository but insisted the filing published by Shore News Network is indeed a valid legal document.

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Mo Hill knows this, but he continued to play a political charade with voters.  We’ll give him a pass and give him only 3 Mo’nocchios on this one because the document is not yet available on the public website operated by the state, but can be obtained through an OPRA request.

3 out of 5 Mo’Nocchios