“No Lakewood Busing” Says Kevin Kidney, Pine Beach School Board Candidate


In Lakewood, publicly funded busing to over 130 private schools has nearly bankrupted the school district – requiring tens of millions in state bailouts, year after year.  

I’m Kevin Kidney and I believe the School Board’s recent decision to bus students to Lakewood private schools has opened a Pandora’s box that will have devastating consequences on property taxes and the quality of education in our public schools.  The school board traditionally just offered a small stipend that was required by law. This new busing plan must be stopped, which is one of the reasons why I have decided to run for school board.

Recent State Aid cuts resulted in the elimination of 77 positions, but this School Board still found the money to give the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents pay raises.  I believe we need people on the School Board that will put students and their education ahead of salary increases for administration.    

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Taxes continue to spiral out of control.  In the last five years, school taxes increased by over 21 Million dollars. While part of that can be attributed to state aid cuts, spending is up by over 11 Million in that same period.  If elected to the School Board, I’ll put a stop to the wasteful spending that is increasing our taxes, and I’ll fight to make sure we’re getting our fair share from Trenton.

Hopefully I can count on you to support me, Kevin Kidney for School Board.  If elected, I’ll represent the taxpayers and students of Pine Beach, not the special interests and political insiders. 

If you have any questions or issues you’d like to discuss, please contact me at ‪(732) 854-4907.

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Kevin Kidney

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