Governor Phil Murphy: I’m A Pig


TRENTON-While addressing the media for the first time since Election Day, Governor Phil Murphy conceded, “I’m a pig.”

“I’m competitive,” he added. “I wanted to win them all.”

That’s not what happened Tuesday night, but Murphy claims the evening was a success for his ultra-liberal Democrat party here in New Jersey.

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In some parts of the state, the “Murphy Midterms” as dubbed by NJ GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt was a success for Republicans.  In the urban areas, Murphy Democrats retained their control.

There’s no doubt that on a state level, Republicans winning key legislative races in America’s second bluest state…perhaps third now after Virginia gives the GOP momentum going into 2020, the Trump year but the pig, Murph doesn’t see it that way.

“We had a lot of success in the assembly,” Murphy said.

New Jersey assembly minority leader John Bramnick credited Murphy for his party’s gains.

“The longer Phil Murphy is governor,” he said. “The closer the gap will be between Republicans and Democrats in the state.”     The key victory for Republicans heading into 2020 is that Murphy currently holds a veto-proof majority in the assembly.  That is no more.

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