Mets’ Frazier Says Out of Control Turkeys Ruined His Cars, Trashed His Yard

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TOMS RIVER-As we peel back the layers of the onion on Toms River’s wild turkey terror problem, Major League Baseball player and Toms River Little League legend Todd Frazier gobbled up the opportunity to express his own turkey tirade.  The problem is not just contained to Holiday City as reported, but even in the neighborhood where New York Met Todd Frazier now lives.

Frazier still calls Toms River Township his home.

“I have seen the reports about wild turkeys in Toms River. They are a big problem here,” Frazier said.  “Toms River and the Toms River wildlife say they can’t move them. That’s ridiculous. They have come close to harming my family and friends, ruined my cars, trashed my yard and much more…”

Frazier was referring to the comments made by Toms River Animal Control Officer Richard Barbosa who said there’s nothing the town can do about the aggressively foul fowl.

“This falls under nuisance wildlife,” Barbosa said. “And we’re not allowed to trap wildlife, we’re not allowed to relocate wildlife.”

He said the problem falls under the jurisdiction of the USDA.

Frazier posted a photo this morning of wild turkeys on top of his car, “So how’s your morning going?”

He then called upon New Jersey Governor to do something if local officials can’t.  Toms River’s elected officials have yet to respond to the Turkey terror in their town.

Animal control needs to step up and move these animals ASAP. State wildlife control needs to figure it out. What’s it going to take,” Frazier tweeted, tagging Phil Murphy.