Mo Hill not Mayor Just Yet, Final 521 Votes to be Counted Wednesday


TOMS RIVER-The election to determine the next mayor of Toms River is not over just yet. There is still a long-shot chance that Jonathan Petro could pull ahead of Maurice Hill as 521 provisional ballots will be counted and verified on Wednesday.

Currently, Hill has a 261 vote lead.  In order for Petro to win, he would need to win approximately 400 of the 521 outstanding votes and that’s not factoring in anticipated invalid ballots.

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If Petro’s campaign edges closer, the campaign could have the option to call for a recount or perhaps even challenge voter eligibility in North Dover districts where Hill commanded huge leads in neighborhoods where New York license plates are commonplace in driveways.

Hill received nearly 1,000 fewer votes than his running mate Matthew Lotano in last Tuesday’s election.  Despite the town giving President Donald J. Trump a 38% victory margin in 2016, Hill’s numbers were much less, currently in the lead with just a 1.2% margin in a predominantly Republican town.

The provisional ballot count will not affect the council election results.


The county election board is expected to tally those remaining votes Wednesday.

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