Bad Judgment by Porsche Driver in Toms River

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TOMS RIVER-Theoretically speaking, there’s nothing worse than being spoiled and rich and having your daddy drop between $50,000 to $75,000 on a tiny Porsche hatchback Macon.  Wait, yes there is.

The driver of that douche-mobile today was caught on video passing a Toms River School bus while picking up students.  The vehicle is suspected to have originated from the affluent Cranmoor Drive section of town where multimillion-dollar homes line the Toms River waterfront.  The street and neighborhood is a virtual who’s who in Toms River.

The video was turned over to the Toms River Police, but if you know the owner of this vehicle, you can call the Toms River Police Department and let them know.

Breaking News:  Elizabeth man convicted for manslaughter

Perhaps the good deed can stop this driver from making future bad decisions…including poor-choice vehicle purchases.

Perhaps the driver should start asking their neighbors for a good lawyer to make it all go away.

The Porsche Macon is all the rage in “Compact Luxury” vehicles.


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