10 Year Old Boy Dies from Gunshot Wound Suffered at Football Game


MAYS LANDING- A 10 year old boy who was shot at a football game at Pleasantville High School last week has died, officials are reporting.  Micah “Dew” Tennant, 10 was in critical condition since the shooting before passing today.

Now, a 31 year-old Atlantic City man is charged with murder in connection to the fatal shooting Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon G. Tyner announced.

Charges against Alvin Wyatt have been upgraded to murder following the death of 10 year-old Micah Tennant Who was shot at the Pleasantville-Camden High School football game in Pleasantville on Friday evening.



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A 31 year-old Atlantic City man is charged with 3 counts of attempted murder and weapons charges in connection to a shooting at a Pleasantville High School football game in Pleasantville on Friday evening, Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon G. Tyner announced.

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Shahid Dixon
Vance Golden
Alvin Wyatt
Michael Mack

Alvin Wyatt is charged with the shooting which struck 1 adult and 2 juveniles.  He is charged with 3 counts of attempted murder, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for  an unlawful purpose.

There were 4 other males at the game and connected to the shootings and are charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and certain persons not to possess a weapon.


The individuals include Michael Mack, 27, Tyrell Dorn, 28, Shahid Dixon, 27–all of Atlantic City— and Vance Golden, 26, of Pleasantville.

Dixon is also charged with eluding.

After the shootings, the four men fled in a vehicle from the Absecon police department into Atlantic City.  One of the passengers threw a gun out of the vehicle while entering Atlantic City.

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A 27 year-old male victim who was shot is in stable condition will be undergoing surgery.

A 10 year-old shooting victim is in critical condition and a 15-year old male suffered a graze wound and was treated at the hospital and released.


“I want to thank the Pleasantville Police Department and the scores of off duty emergency personnel that assisted the victims and helped law enforcement promptly identify and locate those responsible for causing mayhem at the Pleasantville High School football game.  Unlike some of the shootings that have occurred on school premises throughout the country, this incident had nothing to do with the students of Pleasantville High School or Camden High School.  The venue simply presented an opportunity for criminals to pursue their own form of petty vengeance against one another.  As a result, an innocent child was caught and injured in their crossfire.  Our community will not be held hostage by a few idiots intent on jeopardizing our safety and the safety of our children,” Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon G. Tyner said.

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The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, Pleasantville Police Department, Absecon Police Department, Atlantic City Police Department, ATF, Atlantic County Sheriff’s Department and Stockton Police Department were all instrumental in quickly apprehending these individuals.

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