Lacey Woman Accused of Carrying Fake Baby to Steal Yogurt at Aldi


LACEY-People are sometimes accused of doing things they didn’t do, but an incident in Lacey Township at the Aldi supermarket took the concept to a whole new level.

Patricia Larkin was carrying her baby through the store and when she checked out, a woman behind her told the cashier that Larkin’s baby was a fake…a front for her illegal yogurt smuggling operation she has been carrying out in a clandestine manner across the store that day.

The problem?

Larkin’s baby is real and she wasn’t in the business of jamming 25 cent yogurts from Aldi into a fake baby to smuggle them out of the store.  On top of that, she’s even lactose intolerant, so it wouldn’t have been such a rewarding caper even if she did pull it off.

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Foiled by the nosey patron in line behind her, she reported her failed plot to the Lacey chatter Facebook page where residents got a rise out of the incident…and her cute REAL baby.