Man Charged for Pit Bull Attack in Atlantic Highlands

Photo of a brown american pit bull terrier against a white background with even lighting and plenty of room for text.

Chief David W. Rossbach reports that the Atlantic Highlands Police Department is investigating a dog on dog attack that occurred on Keystone Dr off of East Mount Ave on November 15, 2019 at approximately 4:15 P.M. Sergeant Stephen Doherty and Patrolman Travis Morgan determined that a bull terrier commonly known as a “pit bull” had jumped the 5’ fence located at 32 Keystone Dr and attacked a woman walking her Golden Retriever on Keystone Dr. The attack resulted in no injuries to either dog or the woman walking her dog although she fell to the ground during the incident.

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Officers determined that the “pit bull” dog involved is owned by Jason Baum of 32 Keystone Dr. and had jumped a newly installed 5’ fence. It was also discovered that the same dog had been out of the secure yard in the neighborhood a few weeks ago with no serious incident occurring. Since the November 15th attack, the owner has installed a cable run to secure the dog to a harness and wire to make every effort that the dog does not escape from the yard again. Jason Baum was charged by Patrolman Travis Morgan with Atlantic Highlands Borough Ordinance for “Dogs Running at Large” to be heard in Atlantic Highlands Municipal Court on November 26, 2019

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