In Light of Vape Concerns, JUUL Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Legal Assistance is Available

Vape teenagers. Young handsome guy and young cute girl in sunglasses smoke an electronic cigarettes in the vape bar. Bad habit that is harmful to health. Vaping activity.

Lawsuit Settlement News announced today that they are preparing for an influx of JUUL electronic cigarette lawsuits, and have set up a helpline for plaintiffs seeking legal assistance. JUUL pods use a blend of liquids and flavorings which, when heated, becomes a vapor that can be inhaled, or “vaped.”

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Lawsuits claim the makers of JUUL specifically marketed their product to teenagers and young adults, subsequently causing their target audience to become addicted to nicotine. Some plaintiffs even claim seizures and convulsions as a result of nicotine poisoning. Allegedly, JUUL’s marketing is to blame for the reversal of a decades-long decline in youth smoking.

Chris Janish, CEO of Lawsuit Settlement News, commented, “We are currently working with plaintiffs who are in need of a JUUL lawyer or JUUL law firm to evaluate their potential claims. The JUUL law firms are currently providing free consultations to individuals that began using JUUL as minors and have since become addicted to the product.”

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If you’re involved in a JUUL lawsuit and are looking for presettlement cash now, or you need help with finding a law firm go to: You can also call their toll-free hotline at: 877.571.0405

Lawsuit Settlement News is a leading personal injury pre-settlement advocate, and works directly with many of the top mass tort law firms to provide the best pre-settlement cash advance rates in the industry in as little as 24 – 48 hours.  They urge people who have not yet contacted a lawyer to reach out now. If you do not have an attorney, Lawsuit Settlement News can assist you with retaining a top JUUL lawyer or law firm that works with clients who need funding.

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All funding programs are risk-free as you only repay the advance if your case is successful. The non-recourse advance is not a lawsuit loan, lawsuit loans, pre settlement loan, or pre-settlement loans.

Please apply online at: or call the company’s toll free hotline at: 877.571.0405 where agents are standing by.