Joe Rullo: Democrat Van Drew No Friend of President Trump, Hints at CD-2 Congressional Challenge

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LITTLE EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIPJoseph Rudy Rullo, who ran for Governor against Phil Murphy in 2017 hinted today that a run for Congress against Democrat Jeff Van Drew in 2020 could be a possibility.

While discussing the 2020 congressional races in southern Jersey, Rullo, who is co-founder of the New Jersey MAGA Republicans said he’s very concerned about President Trump giving credence to Van Drew’s projection as a conservative Democrat who will work with Republicans.

“If we are serious about flipping our New Jersey seats in Congress back to Republican and taking back the overall majority, we’re going to need candidates that successfully can wrestle Republican support away from Van Drew,” Rullo said. “Van Drew, a touts himself as a conservative Democrat opposed the Trump impeachment inquiry, but at the end of the day, he’s still a Democrat who will vote with the Democrat Caucus most of the time.”

Rullo said President Trump should use caution when getting on the Van Drew bandwagon, just because he voted against the impeachment hearing.

“The truth is, 9 times out of 10, Van Drew has voted against our President’s policy,” Rullo said.  “Van Drew plays it safe in public because he needs those Republican votes in our district, but behind closed doors, and in D.C., he’s a run of the mill Democrat.”

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Rullo noted Project 538, a website that tracks how members of Congress vote in the “Age of Trump”.

“We can all pretend Van Drew is a token Republican from the other side of the aisle, but at the end of the day, will he stand by our President Donald Trump or beside Nancy Pelosi and Andy Kim?” Rullo asked. “But we can see clearly from his voting record shows that he only voted in favor of our President’s policies 7.9% of the time, siding with Pelosi and House Democrats the other 91.1% of the time.

Rullo said Van Drew was the only Democrat to oppose the impeachment inquiry because, in his district, he knows it would have been political suicide.

“Let’s be clear, Van Drew voted against border wall funding, voted to condemn Trump as a racist, supported illegal immigration, voted against Trump when it came to reforming the Affordable Care Act, wanted to stay in the Paris Climate Change Agreement and many more,” Rullo said. “He’s no friend of the President, or his policies.”

“Van Drew is a Norcross Democrat that rose through the layers of the Trenton swamp and made his way into the thick of the D.C. swamp,” Rullo added. “New Jersey lost 8 out of 9 seats in Congress and our goal needs to be to take those back so Congress can stop blocking Trump’s goal to Keep America Great.”

Since running for Governor, Rullo has become a conservative social media celebrity with over 365,000 followers on social media.

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