State to Suffering School Districts: Just Raise Your Local Taxes

TRENTON, NJ - APRIL 5, 2018: New Jersey state capitol building in Trenton

TRENTON-In a state that is run by far-left Democrats, Democrat Senate President Steve Sweeney has usually been the responsible adult in the room.  That is until today when he announced his plan to fix the devastating budget crisis created by the Democrat’s state education funding formula.

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Under the new Sweeney-Murphy formula, which has full endorsement by the NJEA, many towns lost millions of dollars per year in state funding.

Not a problem says Sweeney, just raise your taxes.

Sweeney said he will introduce a bill that will allow devastated districts such as the Toms River Regional School District the ability to apply for a waiver to simply allow the school board to exceed the 2% property tax cap put in place by former Governor Chris Christie.

“I will be introducing legislation that will provide cap relief to school districts facing adjustment aid cuts,” Sweeney said this weekend. “We need to ensure that students do not suffer in districts that are now taking cuts after receiving more than their fair share of state aid for more than a decade.”

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Problem solved.