Jackson Trails Applicant Responds to Environmental Commission Report; Cites “Inaccuracies”

JACKSON-An error in judgment by Jackson Planning Board Attorney Gregory McGuckin has given the much talked about Jackson Trails application a second life and more time to review documents presented by the township against the application.

In a letter sent to the township this week, Jackson Trails engineering firm, Professional Design Services LLC refuted the report provided by the all-volunteer Jackson Township Environmental Commission.

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On Monday, the board is scheduled to take a re-vote on the application after a 4-4 vote that turned the project down was given a second chance when Attorney Gregory McGuckin called for a motion to re-vote and carry the project to a new meeting, instead of memorializing the denial.

Residents are invited to attend the next meeting to be held Monday night at 7:30 pm at town hall.


Jackson Trails Applicant Replies to Environmental Commission Report by Phil Stilton on Scribd