We bought a Junk Filled abandoned storage locker in New Jersey and still made a killing

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We bought a Junk Filled abandoned storage locker in New Jersey and still made a killing

We bought a unit around 3 hours away from our home for a some hifi equipment Bumped into the largest Adult Entertainment collection we found to date strangely some of the recrods turn out to be real expensive but the real money is in the junk electronics we found. Upcomming video of what we sold on ebay will be the big reveal on how much sometimes junk can be worth……

We Purchase Amazon , Walmart, Target, Newegg, Lowes, Home Depot, BestBuy and Corporate Liquidations pallets, Lots and Truckloads as a business to resell on all the online platforms and through our own resources.

When we go broke buying liquidations, we try Treasure Hunting with Storage Auctions from www.storagetreasure.com & Live Storage Auctions.

We though of sharing some of the unboxing with the online community. If you have any questions Please post in the comments.

We reply to all questions. If you like to see more please like and subscribe so we can share more of what we do.

If you would like to buy anything that you see or have suggestion/questions, please feel free to contact us: liqwiz@outlook.com













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