GOP Sends Big Message to Murphy Administration to Protest School Cuts


Students, teachers, administrators, and parents from the Toms River Regional School District were in attendance Tuesday to rally against the extreme cuts to school funding. 10th District legislators, Senator Jim Holzapfel, Assemblymen Greg McGuckin, and Assemblyman Dave Wolfe applaud the school districts [sic] and stand with them against any cuts to school funding.

We have always been opposed to this disastrous plan and we hope that the voices of these students will be heard by all,” said Holzapfel. “Students from every Toms River school joined together to demonstrate that they will not roll over and allow their sports, music, and arts programs to be canceled. Relief is needed now for these schools and their students who are demanding action from the Governor.”

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According to the US Census Bureau, the median income for the entire state is $76,475. Toms River has a median income of $76,051 and Brick Township has a median income of $73,051. Those numbers are a clear indication that these townships are middle class.

Schools in the 10th Legislative District have had their funding severely cut under Governor Murphy’s budget, and attempts to have the Department of Education provide full transparency when determining Local Fair Share have been unsuccessful.

The Governor’s new school funding plan will result in additional cuts in each of the next several years to Toms River. The district has already seen the termination of several school employees, and a discontinuation of sports, arts, and extracurricular activities is on the horizon.

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