Pooper Scooper, Town Hall Security Guard Among those Who Have to Reapply for Jobs to Work for Mayor Mo Hill


TOMS RIVER-A list of employees who have to reapply for their jobs including a “pooper scooper” and town hall security has been released.  The 42 employees are part of the 44 jobs that will be fulfilled by Hill and his transition team leader, Assemblyman Greg McGuckin. Some of those employees have been employed by the township for up to 23 years and could be receiving their termination over the holiday break.

It was announced by the Asbury Park Press that in-house town attorneys Ken Fitzsimmons and R. Garry Mundy will be retiring from their positions on the in-house legal counsel team.  No in-house legal counsel replacements have been announced which could pave the way for the positions to be filled by political campaign donors or even the Dasti, Murphy & McGuckin law firm itself.  The firm has been jockeying for control of former GOP Chairman George Gilmore’s former municipal accounts, including Jackson Township and others since taking control of the party this past spring.

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The list totals approximately $5,000,000 in payroll and benefits to the Toms River taxpayers.

“We are requesting resumes to find out who is interested in staying,” Hill told the Asbury Park Press. “There may be some people who want to retire. … It’s a common thing. Not everybody is being fired.”

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