Jersey Shore Insider: Jackson Township Mulls Hiring Township Attorney with Troubled Financial Past


JACKSON-Jackson Township has made it clear it no longer requests the services of former Gilmore & Monahan Attorney Jean Cipriani who has continued to serve the township in her new firm, Rothstein Mandell Strohm.

That account pays nearly $400,000 annually according to township records and the New Jersey Election Commission’s Pay to Play database.

Insiders tell Shore News Network the township council is looking to pay homage to Ocean County GOP Chairman Frank B. Holman, III and is considering hiring New Jersey State Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin to serve as township general legal counsel.   McGuckin is a partner in the firm of Dasti, Murphy & McGuckin, a pay to play firm that currently takes in $1.5 million in publicly appointed legal work, according to the New Jersey Election Commission’s Pay to Play Database.

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Dasti & McGuckin have been lobbying for positions across Ocean County to take over work in towns where Gilmore & Monahan previously held contracts.  The quest to flip those towns is a result of the spoils of war, won by the alliance of Holman, Dasti and McGuckin.

Residents in Jackson are concerned about McGuckin’s history of IRS tax liens and settlements.

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In 2007, McGuckin withdrew from his political campaign after news about his tax delinquency became public.