Jersey Shore Insider: Ocean County GOP Chairman Holman Maintains Radio Silence Over Anti-Semitism in His Party

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JACKSON-For a full week after the armed assault on an Orthodox Jewish kosher supermarket in Jersey City, Ocean County Republican Chairman Frank B. Holman, III remains silent on acts of insensitivity by members of his key leadership team against Orthodox Jews in Jackson Township.

Those actions by Jackson GOP club chairman Todd Porter and Jackson GOP Chairwoman Clara Glory were highlighted days before a shootout in Jersey City claimed the lives of six people, including a police officer, two Orthodox Jews, and another innocent man.

Porter offered to drive through Jackson Township’s parks playing “thrash music” and “Slayer” in order to chase Orthodox Jews out of township parks.  Glory, when responding to a comment calling all Orthodox Jews criminals who should be deported said, “It’s not a stereotype, it’s happening in our town”.

The comments were made many months ago, but resurfaced last week on the Lakewood Scoop in light of what many Orthodox Jews claim is a rising tide of anti-Semitism from the township’s governing officials.  Both Porter and Glory serve on the Jackson Municipal Utilities Authority Board of Commissioners.

The comments drew sharp condemnation from the top of the Republican Party after RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said there is no place in her Republican party for such anti-Semitic behavior.   Porter and Glory were also condemned by New Jersey GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt and New Jersey Senator Robert Singer, who serves Lakewood Township in the state senate.

Others who reacted to the comments include New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal and Governor Phil Murphy.

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Holman continues ignoring the remarks as Glory and Porter are his key political allies in Jackson.  Holman’s roots are in Jackson Township where he and his family lived prior to relocating to Lacey Township.    His father, the late Frank B. Holman, II served as the State GOP Chairman, was an Air Force Brigadier General and mayor of Jackson Township in the 1960’s. The late Holman would probably not approve of the comments made within his own party.

His son, Frank, III has continued to ignore the issue, angering many in Lakewood who helped elect him to office.