Jersey Shore Insider: Van Drew Savages David Richter, Sets the Table for Race


SOUTH JERSEY-Congressman Jeff Van Drew, a Trump minted Republican running for Congress in New Jersey’s second congressional district wasted no time setting the rules for his opponent, David Richter.

Van Drew admits he is new the Republican Party, but said most importantly, he is not new to the congressional district that he represents.  He immediately branded his opponent as carpet bagger with no real roots in the district.   Van Drew also said Richter will not be able to campaign and raise money beyond his immediate family to properly fund a race against the DNC.

“This individual is a self- funder,” Van Drew said of Richter. “This $400K comes from him and his family. He’s going to raise money, mostly from himself and his family. That’s different from going out and campaigning.”

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He then called out Richter’s “hoity-toity” Princeton address.

“The last decade he has not lived in the district,” he said. “Now by law you don’t have to, but I sure think you should. He lived in Cherry Hill, ten years ago, and now he lives in Princeton. So he bought a summer home, I believe in Avalon, I’m not sure, but I don’t know if my real, down to earth good South Jersey people that work two and three jobs a lot of them and are just real solid Americans, I don’t know if a hoity-toity guy from Princeton who doesn’t live here, doesn’t know our area, really hasn’t ever vacationed here, hasn’t worked here, I dont think that’s the answer for this area. I’ve walked the streets everywhere my entire political life.”

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