Monday marked the last Assembly voting session in 2019 and Assemblymen Parker Space and Hal Wirths criticized the Democrat legislative leadership for again continuing the state of New Jersey down a road to ruin.

“Instead of tackling issues that New Jerseyans care about such as lowering property taxes, cutting spending, and making this state affordable, once again Democrats carried on their liberal social engineering policies trying to make New Jersey uninhabitable for taxpayers, working moms, people who want to practice their faith, and everyday law abiding citizens,” said Space (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris).

On the last voting session of 2019, Assembly Democrats, with the full support of ultra-left winged Governor Murphy, pushed through bills that will raise property taxes, raise fees, provide illegal immigrants with driver’s licenses, and eliminate the free exercise of religious practices when it comes to what a person decides to put in their bodies.

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“Today’s voting session is totally outrageous — an affront to every citizen of New Jersey,” said Wirths (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris). “It is no wonder why study after study ranks New Jersey near the bottom on taxes and business climate while polls show many residents would leave the state if they could.”

Legislation to remove the religious exemptions on mandatory vaccinations in schools and colleges passed the Assembly today despite the massive opposition across the state. Fortunately there were not enough votes to pass it in the Senate.

“What is mind-boggling is the Democrats last year passed physician assisted suicide on their premise that ‘Hey, the State shouldn’t prevent you from injecting whatever you want into your body,’” Space stated. “Now they are saying ‘We are going to force you to inject what we want into your body or you will suffer the consequences.’ Hal and I believe that this is wrong and Un-American yet this is the Democrats agenda for New Jersey.”

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And Democrats today passed driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants today despite the strong opposition of Space and Wirths.

“The Democrats and Murphy continue to make New Jersey a sanctuary state for those who break federal immigration law,” said Wirths. “The Democrats are putting out the welcome mat to human traffickers, drug kingpins, and street gangs that we will allow illegals to get their legal ID here without any background checks or worry so they can move about the country freely while their criminal enterprises grow. This is an absolute disgrace.”

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