Democrats, Pelosi Admit Trump Impeachment Will Backfire in 2020


WASHINGTON, D.C.-The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Nancy Pelosi both agreed today that the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump will come with a cost to their party.

“Trump’s latest attacks on Speaker Nancy Pelosi and our Democrats disgust us,” the DCCC said in a statement today. “Unfortunately, his insults are working — and firing up his base in a way we’ve NEVER seen before.”

The DCCC admits that not only will the impeachment of the President backfire, it has rallied donors to commit $2,000,000 in the days ahead of the impeachment vote.

“To be completely blunt: It could spell certain doom for our majority,” the DCCC said.

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Nancy Pelosi conceded that her efforts to impeach the President will have dire consequences for her party’s control in Congress in an email sent this morning.

“President Trump raked in a historic $1O MILLION in just one week,” Nancy Pelosi said today. “If I can’t fight back right now, our chances to protect my majority will be in trouble.”