GOP Chairman Holman: Hate Has No Place in GOP After Jackson Party Leaders Accused of Anti-Semitism

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Photo of Jackson GOP Committee Chairwoman Clara Glory and Frank B. Holman, Ocean County GOP Chairman.

JACKSON-Some people said something.  That’s about the best way to sum up Ocean County GOP Chairman Frank B. Holman, III’s response to a story first published on the Lakewood Scoop regarding comments made by individuals in key leadership positions within his own party.

Those people are Todd Porter, President of the Jackson Republican Club and Clara Glory, County Committee Chairwoman of Jackson Township.   Both Porter and Glory came under fire by members of the Orthodox Jewish community nearly two weeks ago.   Glory, said stereotyping all Jews as criminals who should be deported was not stereotyping, but instead a real issue facing her town of 54,000.

Porter offered to chase Jews out of township parks blasting Slayer music.

The comments enraged a community that feels it has been targeted unfairly by Jackson Republicans over the past three years.  So much so that two federal lawsuits are currently ongoing, looking into things such as ordinances that may have been drafted targeting Orthodox Jews, canvassing the homes of Orthodox Jews by an elected official and targeting by the township’s code officers, according to a lawsuit filed by Agudath Israel of America.

Holman’s statement comes nearly one week after their actions were condemned by the national and state chairpersons for the GOP.

I have spent the past week meeting with numerous people regarding comments made on social media by certain members of the Jackson Republican organization. Some of those comments were made recently and some made long ago. My discussions included those who made the comments and those who were offended by them,” Holman said in a press release that was sent to InsiderNJ, owned by Fairview Associates CEO John F.X. Graham.

Holman stopped short of naming his two Jackson Township allies Glory and Porter by name.   Last week, Holman had dinner with Glory, Porter and the Jackson GOP delegation.  Holman did not announce any punitive actions for the pair whose resignation has been requested by members of the county committee in both Jackson and Lakewood Townships.

“First and foremost, the OCGOP will never permit, participate in or condone anti-Semitism or any other discrimination against our fellow Americans based on their religious beliefs. I would like to echo the sentiments expressed by RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt, and Senator Bob Singer,” Holman said. “Hate has no place in our party. I am proud of the fact that our Republican Freeholders were one of the first groups to denounce hate speech on social media earlier this year. I think it is incumbent upon us as leaders to set a good example for our communities. We need to choose our words wisely, and we need to create a community for all residents to feel comfortable regardless of faith.”

Holman’s party has been ravaged by anti-Semitic claims in the past couple of years resulting in the resignation of Councilman Robert Nixon and several members of the township planning and zoning boards.

Holman, Glory and Porter also drew the ire of one of President Donald J. Trump’s most prominent campaign donors, Dr. Richard Roberts who happens to live in Lakewood Township.  Roberts said he is working with federal officials to make sure the anti-Semitic and insensitive comments made by Jackson don’t go unchecked.