Richter Slams Trump; Calls Van Drew #walkaway an Impeachment Publicity Stunt


David Richter who was running comfortably as the top dog in the New Jersey GOP’s second congressional district primary race had his bed tossed last week when it was announced the his opponent, Democrat Jeff VanDrew would be walking away from the Democrat party and running as a Republican.

Van Drew came to the Republican side with the coveted endorsement of President Donald J. Trump after the Democrat was just one of two who opposed the impeachment of the President.

“During impeachment week, [to] have the opportunity to promote a Democrat flipping to the Republican Party based on the impeachment vote was a good headline for him, and he was smart to make this deal with Van Drew,” Ricther said of the President’s move to flip a seat in the House of Representatives.

Richter said not only was the President an opportunist, but his opponent was too.

“He’s got a liberal voting record in the House. He recently endorsed Cory Booker for president. This is not somebody who saw the light,” Richter said on his CNN debut. “This is somebody who opportunistically decided that his best chance for reelection was as a Republican and didn’t leave the Democratic Party. He was essentially thrown out of it.”

Richter who was once hailed as one of the GOP’s national stable of “young guns” criticized Van Drew for his liberal-leaning votes in Congress and acknowledged that GOP leaders have since backed away from his campaign after Van Drew received Trump’s endorsement.

He criticized the National Republican Congressional Committee who has since put their support behind Van Drew.

“The President is a smart deal maker,” he added. “This was a good deal for the White House. That’s essentially what it was, it was a deal…it was a good headline.”

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