Cory Booker: Democrat Party is Racist


NEWARK-New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has all but abandoned his post in the U.S. Senate in his neverending quest to run for President of the United States, or as some think, he’s marketing himself to be on a ticket for Vice President of the United States.   Now, he’s accusing the Democrat Party of being racist.

Booker who failed to meet the party’s criteria for being on the stage in the next national debate said it wasn’t his lack of fundraising or less than 1% showing that resulted in his disqualification, but the color of his skin.

“The DNC’s debate thresholds have systematically paved the way for a billionaire to buy his way onto the stage while pushing out candidates of color from participating,” Booker said in a campaign fundraiser email. “We pride ourselves on being the party of inclusion, yet time and time again our candidates of color are cutting their campaigns short because they don’t have the financial resources to continue on.”

Republican candidate for Senator Hirsh Singh, who is challenging Booker said enough is enough with New Jersey’s no-show senator.

“It’s time to finish him off NJ. Booker BLAMES the DNC of racism because less than 3% of the American people are willing to endorse his radicalized political agenda,” Singh said.

The Democrat Party, which has long deemed the Republican Party as the party of out of touch rich white male millionaires has become a race between Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. Each of the party’s leading candidates are in their 70’s and have amassed million-dollar fortunes during their decades in public office.

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