New Jersey Democrats on Vaccine Bill Failure: We’re Ready for War


TRENTON-A bill that would allow Trenton to mandate childhood vaccinations was abandoned in the halls of the state Senate on Monday after New Jersey Democrats failed to garner the needed votes to pass the bill.

New Jersey Democrat leader Steve Sweeney said the fight isn’t over, urging his fellow Democrats to reintroduce the bill in the new Senate session which begins today.   Sweeney said yesterday, “We’re ready for war on this.”

While Democrats threatened to go to war over the bill’s failure, Republicans celebrated Democracy in action as thousands of people showed up to protest the Democrat measure.

“The failure of the vaccine bill to pass today is a case of Democracy working as it should,” said Republican Declan O’scanlon. “There was enough opposition to this version of the bill to block it.  I applaud the opponents for their tremendous, ultimately successful effort.”

Hirsh Singh, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate against Cory Booker addressed the crowd saying that whether or not you are for or against the vaccines, the fight against state-mandated vaccines what the Trenton Democrats were trying to accomplish goes against the core values of the American republic.

“Everyone can have their own reason why, but in the end, this is the land of the free,” Singh said. “We believe in liberty and we have a choice.  The people inside there are trying to tell us that they know what’s better for us… the government does nothing right.”

The Democrats, who support pro-choice for women tried to strip New Jersey families of their rights to choose what is best for their own children, but fell short by one vote if the bill would have made it to a vote.  That one vote could have been critical if the bill came to a floor vote after two New Jersey Republicans, Senator Christopher Connors and Senator James Holzapfel failed to show up for an amendment vote on the bill last week.  If those two would have skipped the final vote, the bill would have passed on Monday.

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