Hirsh Singh: Cory Booker’s Failed Run for President a “Dopey Delusion”

Republican Hirsh Singh is taking on Cory Booker for U.S. Senate.

LINWOOD — On Monday, Cory Booker’s political machinations were finally derailed as Hirsh Singh, New Jersey Republican candidate for U.S. Senate continued to gain ground in the Garden State. The Singh campaign issued a statement shortly after the Democrat was forced to drop out of the 2020 presidential race.

Since April of last year, the Singh campaign has gained considerable ground with New Jersey residents. Many of his newest supporters are from the African American communities, former Democrat voters that suffered heavily from the ill effects of Booker’s policies, including record-high crime, unemployment and poverty, ever since he first took power.

“It’s easy to paint Cory Booker as a clueless dope with delusions of grandeur,” said Singh. “Just look at the water scandal in Newark. Instead of fixing the problem, Booker literally fled the state to campaign for even more power. But voters have awoken. They see through his charades.”

Over the past four years, at least 200,000 New Jersey residents have been affected by Newark’s lead-poisoned water supply as a direct result of Booker’s mismanagement and neglect. Last August, the city committed another $120 million to the issue, with no end in sight.

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In spite of Booker’s comments calling him “worse than a racist,” President Trump would later sign a water bill dedicating another $100 million of federal funds to fixing Newark’s water crisis. Less than two months later, Booker would repay the President by accusing him of betraying his oath, a display of hypocrisy critics say may have been the self-inflicted blow that spelled doom for his campaign.
“The fact is, this is worse than a dopey delusion,” Singh continued. “Cory Booker is greedy, corrupt and self-entitled. This is the first time he’s found himself without the buying power he’s used to. His closest supporters are jumping ship and he’s out of time. He’s played the race card to death and his constituents in New Jersey aren’t having it. He’s desperate now, and that makes him dangerous.”

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Since losing his corporate backers, Booker has had constant trouble raising funds of any kind. Prior to calling it quits, he’d failed to qualify for the December and January primary debates, with an approval rating of just 4%. In a poll from early this year, a full 25% of voters — from all parties on the political spectrum — rated the Democrat as “Very unfavorable.”

Singh has dedicated much of his U.S. Senate campaign to address the problems caused by Booker’s tenure in power. Bi-partisan analysts have speculated that Booker would likely treat the Senate race as a “contingency” effort — his last-ditch effort to cling to power. Those predictions grow ever more likely now that Booker’s presidential dreams have been dashed by his young Republican rival.

“This Senate election is Booker’s last chance to stay in politics,” says Singh. “He’ll be coming back to New Jersey with a vengeance, licking his wounds and demanding support from the same constituents he ignored while pursuing the White House. It won’t work — we will never allow it.”

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In contrast to Booker’s dogged anti-Trump rhetoric, Singh has pledged to work with President Trump to restore New Jersey’s infrastructure and prestige as an economic powerhouse for the nation. At a Trenton rally on Monday, Singh spoke to thousands of cheering New Jerseyans, declaring “We will not go quiet!” The crowd ridiculed Democrat corruption, breaking out into chants of “We will vote you out!” and “In God we trust!” as they packed the steps of the State Capitol building.

“These are my people,” Singh later commented. “They are the intense pressure Cory Booker feels right now. We won’t be letting up any time soon. We’re just getting started.”