Ocean County Republican Leaders to Meet to Discuss Anti-Semitism in Jackson Wing of Party


TOMS RIVER-A meeting is to be held today with high ranking members of the Ocean County GOP party to discuss the rising claims of Anti-Semitism within the Jackson Republican Party according to sources within the Ocean County GOP.

The location of the meeting is undisclosed, but the party is expected to discuss events in Jackson that led to a condemnation by the GOP National Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, NJ GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt and New Jersey Senator Robert Singer.  In that condemnation of the Jackson GOP leadership, the three party leaders declared there is no room for anti-Semitic behavior within the Republican Party.

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Jackson Club President Todd Porter and Municipal GOP Chairwoman Clara Glory came under fire after years-old anti-Semitic posts surfaced from the Facebook accounts.   Porter has since apologized for his comments, but Glory has not.

Tensions remain high between the Ocean County GOP leadership and the Jackson Township Republican Club which has been plagued by claims of anti-Semitism and resignations on the town’s planning board, zoning board and township council.

On Monday, Dr. Richard Roberts, a former advisor on Jewish relations to President Donald J. Trump penned an open letter to Mayor Michael Reina to open a public discussion about the claims of anti-Semitism and ordinances aimed at keeping the growth of the Orthodox Jewish population in Jackson at bay.

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Discussions about how to handle Jackson Township have taken place at high levels within the Ocean County GOP power structure as the town is facing multiple civil rights lawsuits.