Township Documents Confirm Mob Style Political Hit by Calogero Against Bressi


JACKSON-Mob style tactics continue on the Jackson Township Council as the council continues to retaliate against Councilman Ken Bressi.   This week, a story in the Lakewood Scoop further highlighted the political infighting within the Jackson Republican Party, which has been condemned by the national and state GOP leaders of late.

For his testimony in Jackson’s anti-Semitism lawsuit, where he testified and incriminated all of the sitting township councilmembers and Mayor Michael Reina, Bressi’s political power was cut off by Council President Barry Calogero, a Trump appointee of the USDA Farm Service.

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Calogero essentially fired Bressi from all but one position in township government except for his position on the Veterans Services Committee.  The reason he was left on that committee is most likely because Bressi is the only veteran on the township governing body.   Bressi is a Marine Corps Vietnam War veteran.  No other elected officials in town have any military service history.

In retaliation, Calogero fired Bressi from the Community Development and Land Use Laq Board, Council on Affordable Housing, Economic Development and Advisory Committee, Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee, Law and Public Safety Committee, Mobile Home Park Advisory Committee, Open Space Preservation Committee, Public Works Committee and he was removed from his position on the township planning board.

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The Lakewood Scoop alleges Calogero is engaging in witness tampering and witness intimidation against any township employees or officials who testify against the township in an ongoing federal civil rights lawsuit against the town.

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In his deposition, Bressi alleged that Mayor Michael Reina and the entire township council were engaging in anti-Semitic behavior.   Shortly after allies of the town council leaked Bressi’s deposition to Rise Up Ocean County in an attempt to smear Bressi, Calogero took action against Bressi’s public positions.

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Calogero has yet to publicly address these allegations launched by the Lakewood Scoop.

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