New Jersey Moms React to GOP Blogger’s Mysoginist “Stay at Home Mom” Rant


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TRENTON-Thousands of men and women of all races, religions and colors showed up at the Trenton Statehouse steps multiple times this month to protest New Jersey Senator Steve Sweeney’s vaccination mandate bill in Trenton blocking the bill from a seeing a critical vote at the end of the legislative session.   Those protesters won a small battle against the overreach of Trenton Democrats Steve Sweeney and Governor Phil Murphy, but conservative GOP aligned blogger Matt Rooney is now in hot water after characterizing those in attendance at the rally as stay-at-home moms who have never done anything political prior to the mandate vaccination debate.

“The crowd was disproportionately young-ish (under 50), white, and female. Suburbanites. Work from home or flexible hour moms, home school moms, politically active moms, and probably a few who have never done anything political (other than vote) before this debate in their entire lives,” Rooney said.  “There is some ideological diversity based upon my perusal of their Twitter accounts; some are as woke as woke can be, ranting on about essential oils and “non-toxic living,” while others are Christian conservatives.”

“Most think Jenny McCarthy isn’t wrong, or at least completely nuts,” he added.

His comments set off a fiery storm of responses from those who were at the rally on the “Recall Senator Sweeney” Facebook page.

Most of the “under 50 white stay-at-home suburbanite moms” told their story of how they gave up hours and days at their jobs or time away from their family to be at the rally.  Others explained that Rooney’s characterization of the crowd was just not accurate.

“I see a bunch of moms who despite holidays and children and household duties, and yes, WORK, took time and energy and money out of their lives to fight something bigger than them. I see moms – and dads and children – who value freedom. People who’s finances have suffered as a result of all the activism that MUST be done, but clearly was not done in vain,” said Diana Gonzales.

Marine Trzepla said,” I closed my practice down for 4 days to be at these events…let’s all show up at his doorstep to give him our credentials! And so what if we were all stay at home moms…is he saying that’s not an important job.”

Over 500 women and men, many professionals and blue collar workers who took vacation and personal days from their jobs to be at the rally commented.

Check out “Recall Senator Sweeney” to read those comments.

Photo of Trenton Vaccination Rally by Ashley Mitchell.

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