Local Blogger Rises From Medford Tragedy

My name is Sarah Ripoli and I am the founder of Angel Energy LLC, a women empowerment based clothing line that aims to raise domestic violence awareness and spread positivity. The “why” behind Angel Energy comes from a personal experience that altered my life forever. When I was six years old my father murdered my mother while I was in the house. I lost my entire family that day and being an only child, I instantly was left completely alone. Fortunately, my grandparents raised me, and the rest of my childhood turned out great despite the circumstances. I decided to never let what happened to me be an excuse for my actions and created a positive narrative for my life instead.

One year ago, at the age of 26, only a few close friends knew my true secret that I kept buried for so many years. I had started a fashion blog on my Instagram page @sarahrip and was sharing almost every aspect of my life with my following. I knew then that it was time to finally tell my story to the world. Even though what had happened to me was different, I knew I was not alone. I suddenly felt like there was no purpose of having a social media influence if I wasn’t using my voice on the internet as a platform to make a difference. In August 2019, Angel Energy was founded as both a clothing line and a movement for women to stand together in the fight to end any type of domestic or relationship abuse.

Domestic violence is a topic that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it should, which is why I have made it my goal to raise as much awareness as possible through Angel Energy while also giving back to victims in need. Every month we donate 25% of our proceeds to a different domestic violence organization.

In light of February being National Dating Abuse Awareness Month, if there is ever a time you are looking for something to write about that is in congruence please keep me in mind as my goal is to spread awareness to as many people as possible. I’ve attached the first 2 pages of one of the original articles published in the Inquirer Magazine in 2002 about my Mother’s murder for reference. (The website won’t allow me to attach a PDF containing the entire article). Please feel free to contact me.


Sarah Ripoli
Founder, Angel Energy LLC

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