Novak Slams Richter on Biden Family Contract that Netted Candidate $1.5 Billion Government Contract


TOMS RIVER-If David Richter, a Princeton based government contractor with business ties to the Biden family eventually buys a home in New Jersey’s third congressional district, he probably shouldn’t expect John Novak, an Ocean County-based lawyer to be at his housewarming party.

Novak, who is running for office in CD-3 to challenge incumbent liberal Democrat Andy Kim did not welcome Richter’s flip from the 2nd Congressional District to his own.

“He’s a county hopping, district shopping, flip-flopping, say anything, do anything bored multi-millionaire looking for something to do,” Novak said of Richter.  “Endorsements do not go to the highest bidder under our current leadership.”

Novak might be right, but the question remains, which Republican is actually leading and making the decisions in Ocean County?

Richter’s switch was a well-orchestrated high-level GOP operation that no doubt included Trump advisor Bill Stepien and others behind the scenes to thin the herd of opposition for Democrat Jeff Van Drew.

  • Side Note: David Richter was invited to speak on stage at President Donald J. Trump’s Wildwood Convention Center rally, but unlike Jeff Van Drew, Trump did not endorse Richter. Insiders today tell Shore News Network that Richter’s ties to the Biden family and lucrative contracts his firm received through those ties may have been what kept Richter out of Trump’s speech.  After all, the President is now fully embroiled in an impeachment hearing that centers around the Biden family’s political corruption when it comes to former Vice President Joe Biden funneling jobs to his family members using his influence as Vice President.

One thing is quite obvious, GOP chairman Frank Holman was played under the table by those allied to former GOP Chairman George Gilmore, evidenced by Gilmore ally Tom Bonfonti’s jumping ship to Richter’s campaign team.   Bonfonti, a Gilmore ally who survived the Holman purge remained loyal to Gilmore while waiting out his time as the Ocean County GOP Executive Director until something better came along.

Now, Holman is left with another heated primary between four candidates before CD-3 finds out who will get to challenge Kim, while Kim continues raising enormous amounts of cash.

Insiders say Richter was hand-picked by the party backroom dealers because of his ability to self-fund, the common thread in CD-3 that goes back to Jon Runyan and Tom MacArthur.

But Novak said Ocean County voters shouldn’t be fooled by Richter’s arrival and they should know about his ties to the Biden family.

“Richter, who seems like a nice enough guy, went from being in business bed with the Bidens, not supporting Trump and bashing Van Drew to embracing both of them – seeming, if not literally, overnight,” Novak said.

Fox News reported on a “sweetheart deal” brokered between Richter and former Vice President Joe Biden’s brother James Biden with the government shortly after Richter hired Biden.  Richter’s company landed a contract to build 100,000 houses in wartorn Iraq and many claim it was Biden’s influence that landed him the project.  When asked how such a relatively small New Jersey business owner landed that contract.  Richter wasn’t bashful about those ties, saying it helps to have to brother of the vice president as his business partner.

The Biden family has been under scrutiny by President Donald J. Trump over their shady business deals that brought millions of dollars into the family. It’s probably why Richter was on stage in Wildwood, but didn’t receive Trump’s official endorsement.

Richter reported that his Biden brokered Iraq building contract generated $1.5 billion dollars for his company whose stock down 28% in 2011 before getting the project.   Richter does not reside in Congressional District 3.

Novak was not the only candidate in the race to criticize Richter’s ties to the Biden family.  Tony Porto, who is also a candidate for office in the district chimed in.

“The last thing the Republican party needs is a nominee who brags about putting Joe Biden’s brother on his Board of Directors for the same reason Burisma put Biden’s son on theirs,” Porto said.


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