Wildwood Democrat Mayor Says Trump Visit a Success and Welcomes President Back Anytime

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WILDWOOD-President Trump has come and gone and the only remaining evidence is a happy mayor and fistfuls of dollars in the pockets of local businesses and hotels who would otherwise have been continuing their long wait for the summer tourism season.

Hotels were at capacity and businesses were active as tens of thousands of Trump supporters came from near and far, some waiting days to be the first to see the President at Tuesday’s rally.  It was a small, but appreciated local economic boost for a city that lays nearly dormant from November through April every year.

Wildwood is New Jersey’s most popular family beach destination set in a mid-twentieth century motif that boasts rich roots to the birth of American Rock’n’Roll.

Mainstream media flooded their newspapers and airwaves with “Day After” photos of piles of trash left behind by the Trump revelers, but Mayor Pete Byron, a once Trump loathing Democrat said the President is welcome back to his city anytime.   Just days before Trump’s visit the mayor sang a different tune, criticizing Trump and former Democrat Congressman Jeff Van Drew for choosing his city.  His comments were probably the reason the Trump campaign didn’t invite him to attend the rally, he admits.

The mainstream media, even today is harping on the trash left by Trump supporters who brought chairs, blankets and food to survive, in some cases, two nights in the winter elements with cold sea breezes blasting in over the Atlantic Ocean while they waited.   City officials didn’t seem particularly upset over that.   By noon the next day, the city’s Department of Public Works cleaned the entire parking lot, donating useful blankets, chairs and other items to local homeless shelters, according to the city.

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“Blankets and chairs that were left behind were donated to local charities that assist the homeless and by noon today the convention center parking lot and surrounding area was clean,” boasted the local tourism authority, “Wildwoods, NJ”.

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The rally which drew approximately 25,000 Trump supporters also went off without any concerns for crime or public safety.  Police reported just one arrest was made, a disorderly persons offense.

Even the left-wing protesters acted in a somewhat peaceful manner, as far as left-wing protesters go.  A few dozen showed up but were corraled on the other side of the convention center parking lot, jeering Trump supporters as they passed, but the atmosphere was like any summer day in Wildwood, a non-stop party, and celebration.

Officials agreed, the rally brought a small taste of the summer tourism season to the city, where crews clean up the garbage left behind by tourists on the boardwalk and the beach daily.  It’s part of being a tourist destination.   One reason there was trash left in the parking lot was because the city did not provide trash cans in the lines where the thousands of supporters lined up for days to get in.   Some sources say this was due to the secret service’s security plan.

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It was just a few years ago in Seaside Park, another New Jersey beachfront destination where a Muslim terrorist exploded a bomb inside a garbage can along the route of a Marine Corps Veterans 5k run on the boardwalk. Luckily, that bomb exploded prematurely and nobody was injured.

Having dozens of metal drum style garbage cans could have posed a security risk not only for the President but for the rallygoers in attendance.

Overall, Trump’s visit was a political and economic success. The town brought in a huge sum of money.  Trump successfully converted a congressional seat from Democrat to Republican and the New Jersey Republican establishment was able to start the 2020 congressional election season with a bang.

Back to mainstream media.  Days later, they continue to harp on the items left behind in the parking lot.  Even Snopes, known for promulgating liberal social media and political myths couldn’t stand by the claims made by America’s liberal media.

“Trump held a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey last night and look how his selfish supporters trashed everything in sight. What a perfect metaphor for what these people are doing to our country” read one popular left-wing meme circulating on the internet.   While Snopes didn’t say it was false, they identified the meme as “Miscaptioned”.   Snopes also verified, which many mainstream journalists did not.   Event attendees were not permitted to leave the line or return items back to their vehicles, confirming the edict by the Secret Service to minimize placement of trashbins.

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MSM continues misrepresenting the reality, as they have done with this President since he announced his candidacy.  Ironically, even local newspapers such as NJ.com, Asbury Park Press and The Press of Atlantic City “trashed” the President for the mess.

Who knows? Maybe Trump will spend a weekend in Wildwood this summer, ride the tram car and eat some water ice as he strolls one of America’s most fun and entertaining family destinations.  It sure would beat playing golf and Barron would love it.

Photo by Wildwoods, NJ.  Go check them out and book your summer vacation in Wildwood today!

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