Ronna McDaniel: Republican Party United Behind President Trump


IOWA-After President Donald J. Trump crushed minimal opposition in the Iowa Republican Caucus, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said the President’s victory highlights her party’s unification behind the President.

“While the [Iowa Caucus] outcome is still uncertain for Democrats, the Republican Party is more unified than ever behind [President Trump] and his historic record of results. In November, Americans will choose four more years of President Trump’s historic progress for our country,” McDaniel tweeted.

Trump may have been the only President to ever win both the Democrat and Republican Iowa Caucus after failures in the computer systems that tallied votes for the Democrats have kept results from being published as of noon eastern time on Tuesday, playing into Trump’s political agenda of highlighting Democrat failures.

Trump used the opportunity to boast, as is his trademark style.

“My Approval Rating in the Republican Party = 95%, a record! Big Iowa win. Approval Rating overall = 53%, a new high. With our great Economy and other major successes, would be 20 points higher without the phony Witch Hunts and Hoaxes???” the President tweeted.

“The Democrat Party in Iowa really messed up, but the Republican Party did not. I had the largest re-election vote in the history of that great state, by far, beating President Obama’s previous record by a lot. Also, 97% Plus of the vote! Thank you Iowa,” he said. “When will the Democrats start blaming RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, instead of their own incompetence for the voting disaster that just happened in the Great State of Iowa?”

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