It’s Too Late, But Jackson Council Still Supports New Fourth Corps Headquarters at Joint Base


JACKSON-Over 30 military installations jockeyed for the mission to host the U.S. Army’s 5h Corps Headquarters at their facility and while Joint Base MDL was not even a finalist, township officials are still hoping the U.S. Army considers it to be hosted here.

The township council unanimously passed a resolution supporting the U.S. Army’s “Fourth Corps” to the joint base last night.   There are just two small problems.  There is no “Fourth Corps”.  While it is the fourth Corps to be activated by the Army, it’s actually the V Corps.  Details aside, that mission was already awarded to another base.

Two weeks ago, Senator Mitch McConnell and the U.S. Army had already decided the 5th Corps will be hosted at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

“Fort Knox has proven itself as a leader in our nation’s armed forces time and again, and I’m delighted to announce Secretary McCarthy and General McConville answered my call to station V Corps headquarters in Kentucky,” McConnell said. “As the Army continues modernizing its force structure to counter evolving global threats, Fort Knox is best choice to meet our urgent national defense needs.”

By fall, the initial staffing of 635 soldiers will be redeploying to Fort Knox to support the new unit.

“The activation of an additional Corps headquarters provides the needed level of command and control focused on synchronizing U.S. Army, allied, and partner nation tactical formations operating in Europe. It will enhance U.S. Army Europe and U.S. European Command as they work alongside allies and partners to promote regional stability and security,” Gen. James McConville said.

The council voted in favor of the resolution to bring the already decided mission to the town anyway.

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