Why is New Jersey Republican Senator McGuckin Leading the Charge Against Toms River Republicans?

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TOMS RIVER-Something smells bad in Toms River politics these days and it’s not exactly Mo Hill this time.  Actually, it is Mo Hill, but also Hill’s top advisor, Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin.  McGuckin’s not having a great week this week as he’s now failed twice in his attempts to push his weight around with Republicans in Toms River.

McGuckin, whose publicly funded income rose by about $1,000,000 this year after he coerced Ocean County mayors like Jackson’s Mike Reina and Mancheter’s Ken Palmer into hiring his firm for township legal council, but that wasn’t enough for McGuckin in the past 10 days.

He wanted the Toms River Republican Club.  He didn’t get it.  He wanted to push Obama era Democrat Rikin Mehta into the party line for Senate. He didn’t get it.  He wanted to push convicted shoplifter Kate Gibbs into the party line for Congress. He didn’t get it.

It’s been an off-week for the power-hungry and gluttonous state assemblyman, but at the end of the day, he rests nicely in bed at night thanks to those who fund him, the mayors and councils of Ocean County who have indirectly supported McGuckin’s trainwreck of a failed political coup against the Toms River Republican Club.

Why is McGuckin continuing to tear the OC GOP apart?  The motivation appears to stem from his quest for money and public contracts.  For McGuckin, his agenda as an advisor to Chairman Frank B. Holman has not been about the people or party politics, but from his actions appears to be nothing more than an attempt to intimidate and wheel and deal himself into lucrative public contracts all over the county, including Lakewood, where his firm has served as the legal counsel for the Lakewood Zoning Board.

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Now the firm, which opened a new office, partially funded indirectly by you and I, the taxpayers after expanding their public take, facilitated by Mayors such as Reina, Palmer and others.

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