Man Confronts Another Alleged Child Predator Seeking Sex With Young Teens at Five Guys in Toms River


Rashawn Bass, a man who pretended to be a 14-year-old girl looking for sex with an adult last week has lured another man at the Toms River Five Guys on Route 37.    This time, police on scene intervened and Bass showed Toms River Police officers evidence of the exchange.

Chances are if you’re a sexual deviant in Ocean County and a 14-year-old girl online says she wants to have sex with you and meet you at the Route 37 Five Guys, it’s probably Bass, working as a vigilante to catch predators in the community.

Toms River police officially acknowledged the incident but did not provide details.  Ocean County’s Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer and other law enforcement agencies condemned Bass’ actions as being dangerous and that the job of catching child predators should be left to law enforcement officers.

“Investigations into criminal activity should be left to law enforcement professionals. Taking the law into your own hands is dangerous. We are very fortunate that no one got hurt today and we were able to take a child predator off the street,” Prosecutor Billhimer stated after Bass’s first predator catch last week.

“On Sunday March 8, 2020 at approximately 8:00 PM officers in the area of 1311 Rt. 37 West, Orchards at Dover Plaza, were alerted by employees to a Facebook Live happening outside with a possible luring of an underage female,” the department said. “This is currently being investigated by the Toms River Police Department and the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office.”

At this point, police and the Prosecutor’s Office have not announced the filing of charges and all individuals are innocent until proven guilty.  The video has been widely shared on Facebook.



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