Red Bank Regional Goes to Virtual Schooling After Sibling Tests Positive for Coronavirus


RED BANK-The Red Bank Regional School District announced today that it is shutting down and move to a virtual classroom instruction environment after the sibling of a student was tested positive for the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

“As you are aware, on Monday, March 9, it was reported that a resident of Little Silver tested “presumed positive” for COVID-19. The resident has a sibling who attends RBR,” said Superintendent Dr. Louis Moore. “As a precaution, RBR closed on Tuesday, March 10, and Wednesday, March 11. During this time, the school administrative team met to develop an emergency virtual school plan (VSP) to ensure the continuity of our instructional program. In addition, our custodial staff has thoroughly re-cleaned and disinfected the entire building.”

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Starting tomorrow, Thursday, March 12, the district will transition to a virtual school instructional plan until further notice.

“Although our students will not be attending school in person during the virtual school sessions, these days are counted by the NJ Department of Education as official school days,
the district said. “Extra-curricular activities and sports are suspended for the present time but we will update you as soon as possible.”

All families and students should review the VPS plan on the district website. Each student MUST check  their “Google Classrooms” for each of their respective classes.

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All assignments will appear within the Google Classroom.