Thousands Stranded on Cruise Ship off Coast of Chile


CHILE-By the time passengers on the Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship return to the United States and disembark after being quarantined, it could be almost a month at sea for the passengers.

Right now, the cruise ship is wandering off the coast of Chile, according to passengers, unable to dock.   Passengers were supposed to disembark earlier this week, but now are waiting for access to an alternative port to refuel and head home to San Diego.  The refueling process can take up to 24 hours and the trip back to San Diego is expected to take 10 days.  Upon arrival, the ship may be subjected to quarantine before being allowed to dock in San Diego.

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The cruise line is taking care of its passengers offering free wi-fi and alcohol to stranded guests.


Provisions for the voyage home are expected to be restocked at the refueling stop in Chile.

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Due to continued port closures and global travel restrictions, Celebrity Cruise Line has temporarily suspeded all cruising operations globally  as of March 15th, and plan to resume sailing again on Saturday, April 11.

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