Berkeley Mayor Amato: Support Your Local Businesses, They Need Your Help


BERKELEY-The coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought the Jersey Shore economy to a near standstill and Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen Amato is advising residents of the bayside community to do what they can to make sure their favorite local businesses survive the ordeal.

“As you all are aware, due to the Coronavirus concern local restaurants and food establishments in New Jersey can only provide food by delivery or pick up,” Amato said. “This is creating a financial hardship for them.  The Federal and State Governments are pushing legislation on how to help these small businesses.”

Amato said that we shouldn’t rely on the government to fix the problems his community faces in the short term.


“As we all know, unfortunately, no matter how quickly they move to get the legislation approved and signed into law, it will more than likely take several weeks or months to get them the help they need,” he said. “In the interim, I’m asking all of our residents, if you can financially, to please consider ordering take out or delivery from our local restaurants and food establishments.”

Amato said support local businesses accomplishes more than just helping the owners and workers, it helps programs throughout the community through the donations those businesses make all year long.

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“These restaurants and food establishments are locally owned. They employ our family, friends, and neighbors. And they so generously donate to our local youth, sports, and civic organizations,” he added. “Please help them during this time by ordering delivery or takeout! Not hungry? Did you just stock up the pantry and fridge?   No worries! How about purchasing a gift card or gift certificate now that you can use later or use as a gift.”


Amato boasted that his town has the best breakfast, lunch & dinner places in New Jersey!

“Please consider helping them in their time of need,” he said.

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