Coronavirus 2020: What Happens When Tens of Thousands of Carefree Spring Breakers Return Home Next Week?


FLORIDA-Videos and photos being released by the media show crowds of high school and college kids celebrating spring break in Florida and Texas without a care in the world for the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has caught the attention of many, prompting shutdowns of beaches in Florida today.

While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he will not close the beaches during spring break, many towns now are doing just that, voluntarily closing beaches.

What happens when spring breakers are done in Florida?  Where are they going?

Right now, many university and college campuses have closed, as many as 200 in the United States so far.

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Many of those students will be returning home to communities all over America.

This morning, DeSantis finally shut down the party.  “The message I think for spring breakers is the party is over in Florida,” he said in a Fox News interview on Thursday.

“As much of the nation has adopted social distancing policies, footage of thousands of spring breakers packed together on Florida’s beaches has sparked widespread condemnation,” Fox News reported.

In a USA Today feature this week, partiers in Florida seemed unphased about the pandemic going on around them.  “If  I get corona, I get corona,”  the headline read.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis Says Florida is Shutting Down For Spring Breakers: ‘The Party is Over’