Trump: American Economy Will Bounce Back After “China Virus” Passes

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  President Donald J. Trump said that the American economy will bounce back once we move past the “China Virus”.

Trump has faced criticism from the mainstream media over his use of the term “China Virus”.

“There were many steps the Trump administration took to protect Americans from the Chinese Virus over the last two and half months,”When this virus is defeated, our great American economy will bounce back rapidly.”

Most viruses are named after their country or region of origin.

West Nile Virus, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Ebola, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Norovirus, Zika Fever, German Measles, Spanish Flu and others were all named after their place of origin.

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While the President admits his use of the term “China Virus” is to raise awareness for the mishandling of the virus by the government of China, many remain offended by his comments. Are you?