Brick GOP Endorsementgate Ends without Political Bloodshed

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BRICK-We must be going stir crazy after just one week confined to working in our homes and practicing social distancing because the hot topic of the week in Ocean County political scene this week centered on an endorsement for Congress in the Republican Party.

When the campaign for David Richter for Congress in New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district asked Brick Township Club President Ruthanna Scaturro for a signoff on a pre-written endorsement letter, Scatturo denied her club made any endorsement.

Then, many other club members spoke out and reminded Scatturo that the club did in fact approve a motion from the floor at their March 9th meeting to endorse Richter.

Richter’s victory at the Ocean County GOP’s annual nominating convention sent shockwaves through the Republican Party elites in Ocean County.   After seeking a key endorsement from the party’s executive screening committee,  Richter’s opponent, Kate Gibbs scored a big victory and received the endorsement of Ocean County Freeholder Virginia Haines, 75, New Jersey Assemblymen Gregory P. McGuckin and Jon Catalano and other party elites who couldn’t see the writing on the wall ahead of the convention.

Richter defeated Gibbs.  Nobody in the ‘ruling class’ expected it, nor did they expect Hirsh Singh to defeat Rik Mehta, but it happened.

Eventually, Scaturro admitted her club did endorse Richter.

“I’d like to clarify my original statement that was issued via press release yesterday,” she said in a press release. “At our meeting on March 9th, our club did in fact take a vote and did endorse David.  After the meeting had adjourned certain members of the club raised concerns over our by-laws and the procedures followed in taking a vote on that endorsement.  Because of their concerns, I was hesitant to make the endorsement public.  Those concerns were never relayed to the Richter campaign and they had no way of knowing that there were any issues with the endorsement.”

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