NJ Congressman Kim Self Quarantines After Coming in Contact With Wuhan Coronavirus

Congressman Andy Kim said he is quarantining himself voluntarily after coming in direct contact with another member of Congress who has tested positive for the coronavirus, which originated last year in the Wuhan Province of China.

“Now is the time to be safe and to take all precautions for each other,” said Kim in a story published by the NJ Globe. “In the past few hours, I’ve received word that a Member of Congress, who I was in direct contact with, tested positive for COVID-19.  The health of our community must be our top priority, so I’ve decided to self-quarantine, and I want to strongly encourage anyone in a similar situation to take the same action.”

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For the past few days, Kim has published videos to Facebook letting his constituents know what he is doing as a Congressman in relation to the coronavirus outbreak.   On Friday, Kim looked tired and worn out. Later in the day, he made his announcement.  Kim did not confirm whether or not he tested positive for the coronavirus.