Report: McGuckin, Dasti Law Firm Navigates Belmar Politicians Through Pay to Play Violations


BELMAR-There’s a major conflict of interest here at the Jersey Shore as the law firm of McGuckin & Dasti, based out of Ocean County continues gobbling up political pay to play contracts.  The problem lies with the firm’s ability to issue a truly impartial legal service to the communities they serve.  When your township attorney and financial auditors are both Republican party leaders and pay to play campaign donors, things like what just happened in Belmar are bound to happen.

According to the Asbury Park Press, the law firm, which serves as legal counsel to many towns here in Ocean County, including Lakewood, Toms River, Jackson, Manchester, Lacey and more tries to whitewash a pay to play violation.

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In Belmar, the problem was pass-through donations to Mayor Mark Walsifer, Patricia Wann and James McCracken from the New Jersey GOP. Belmar has very strict pay to play laws.   Read the full story on the Asbury Park Press