Attention Shoppers: Nobody Wants to Pick Up Your Coronavirus Diseased Infected Gloves in the Supermarket Parking Lot


Guest Blogger Post
by “Joey Heights”

NEW JERSEY-Ok, some things go without saying, but apparently sometimes, you have to say it because people are sick, nasty and just plain disgusting.

That’s the only way to put it when you see parking lots littered with your dirty, disease-infected latex gloves.  Guess what? You just walked around the supermarket for 30 minutes touching boxes, touching everything in sight, then you whip out your credit card, punch the keypad then put the credit card back in your wallet.  You’re good.  Your gloves are on.

Then you unlock your car door, unload your groceries, put the cart away, or knowing you, you just leave it right in front of somebody else’s car, unless you put a quarter in.  Then ya, we know you’re going to go to hell and bag, expose yourself to even more coronavirus and get that back, because that’s the type of person you are.

We all know who you are.  We watch you in the store and we can tell from being behind you in line, that you’re probably the douchebag who’s going to go throw their gloves on the ground in the parking lot.

Guess what? You’ve already cross-contaminated everything in your car.  That debit card with $300 left in the account, ya, it has it.   Your car keys?  Aside from the fecal matter, you left on it 2 days ago when you didn’t wash your hands after relieving yourself at dinner, they have coronavirus too.

Now, when you get home, all your bags have it, all your food has it.

Here’s a secret you might not know.  Nobody wants to pick up your dirty, infected gloves, but somebody has to.  Hopefully, they’ll be more in tune with the best practices of how not to spread infection and they won’t get sick.  Hopefully neither will your spouse or your children…or your father-in-law living at your house because he can’t’ take care of himself.

It’s ok if you want to be a nasty pig, but others shouldn’t have to pay for your stupidity.  At least throw your damn gloves in the trash that’s two feet away from the carriage return area.  As for you bringing coronavirus home to your family because you needed four more cases of bottled water and month’s supply of toilet paper is your problem and your choice.  Don’t push your poor choice on others, especially the high school kid walking around the lot picking up all the dirty ass gloves people like you leave behind.

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