McGuckin, Catalano Complain About Murphy Jail Inmate Release

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LACEY TOWNSHIP-New Jersey Assemblyman Gregory McGuckin has a lot to worry about, especially when it comes to low-level offenders not being put in jail.

Today, McGuckin and John Catalano, called by some Ocean County insiders as “Laurel and Hardy” are faux-raging about Governor Murphy’s idiotic plan to release low level inmates from the county jails.

“Some of the individuals have been incarcerated for resisting arrest, assault on a police officer, child endangerment and domestic violence,” said McGuckin (R-Ocean). “This has led to our county prosecutors protesting a number of the releases to ensure these criminals stay in jail. It’s hard to imagine the battered spouse, child victims and police officers who have already been assaulted by these convicted criminals will feel any safer tonight but I guess the concerns of these victims are not as important.”

It’s not just those offenders McGuckin should be worrying about, what about those who were charged with white-collar crimes. Those are the ones that pose the most immediate and long term risk to McGuckin as he and his firm have swept Ocean County’s political patronage coffers, with an estimated $2,000,000 annually in public pay to play contracts.

McGuckin himself nearly landed himself in hot water with the feds a few years ago when the IRS slapped a $120,000 tax lien on his property in Toms River, which was then his partner’s property, then his again.  McGuckin dodged a bullet, but his tax-evasion case could have easily made him a low-level offender, possibly in consideration for release, had it been a state crime and not a federal crime and if he didn’t see the writing on the wall once the FBI came to Ocean County looking for political tax cheats.

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Both men are part of the Republican minority in Trenton and have no power to force any measures to block anything the Governor does.