Political Pandering Alert: Andy Kim Celebrates Vietnam Veterans Day

TOMS RIVER-Andy Kim pulled the heartstrings of his constituents this week to get Cornonavirus street cred, putting on the sad face on Vietnam Veterans Day because he couldn’t meet with the Vietnam Veterans in person this week.

He posted a photo of his last Vietnam Veterans Day with courageous American heroes that fought in the Vietnam War in the jungles and rice paddies of southeast Asia nearly fourty years ago.

“It wasn’t the same this year without the amazing annual ceremony in Barnegat, but I had a chance to call some of the veterans in our community and thank them for their service,” Kim wrote. “While we can’t gather together now, I’ll be holding a medal ceremony to honor our local heroes when the Coronavirus threat passes. Now more than ever, it’s important to reach out to veterans in our community to check in on them and thank them for everything they’ve given to our country.”

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For this coronavirus political pandering, we give Congressman Andy Kim 2 out of 5 pandering pandas.  As a veteran-operated business, we would have expected social justice warrior Kim’s honoring of our veterans a bit more culturally diverse.